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Transforming Trade Show/Event Experiences with AI: Introducing “Koo”


2024 Jan - May


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Every year, millions of professionals attend trade shows seeking networking opportunities, knowledge, and business prospects. While these events are pivotal for professional growth and business expansion, they often come with a set of challenges that can diminish the experience. Navigating sprawling event spaces, managing tight schedules, and making meaningful connections amidst the chaos are just a few hurdles attendees face.

What are the key challenges faced by visitors at large trade shows?

Through research, including field observation at the Pittsburgh Auto Show and interviews with visitors and experts, we identified four key challenges faced by visitors at large trade shows.

Finding one’s way through extensive and often crowded event spaces can be daunting, leading to missed opportunities and frustration.


With back-to-back sessions, meetings, and exhibits, creating an efficient itinerary that maximizes time at the event is a logistical nightmare.


Identifying and connecting with the right people in a sea of thousands can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Information Overload

Attendees are bombarded with information, making it difficult to capture and synthesize valuable insights on the go.


Trade shows are complex events that test the limits of human organizational skills. Attendees often struggle with. These challenges can make or break the trade show experience. In response, Koo promises not only to mitigate these issues but to enhance the overall experience, using a suite of AI-driven tools designed to make trade shows more enjoyable and productive.

Koo is not just a digital assistant; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to transform the trade show experience. By integrating these features, Koo provides a seamless and enriched experience for all attendees. It ensures that each participant can focus on what they came for — connecting with people, learning new things, and discovering opportunities — without the usual logistical headaches. Koo not only optimizes the personal journey throughout the event but also enhances the quality of interactions and the efficiency of information absorption.

Key features
Personalized Itineraries

Koo uses advanced algorithms to generate customized itineraries tailored to each attendee’s preferences and goals. The schedules adapt dynamically based on feedback and real-time event changes. Attendees receive a tailored schedule that dynamically adjusts to their feedback and changes in event dynamics.

Dynamic Indoor Navigation

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Koo provides indoor navigation capabilities that guide attendees seamlessly through complex event venues, helping them get to sessions on time without getting lost, thus saving time and reducing stress.

Efficient Information Management

Koo can capture, synthesize, and store information from various sources, enabling attendees to focus on the event experience while Koo handles note-taking and insight generation. This ensures that attendees can focus on their event experience while Koo handles the task of note-taking and information storage, providing summaries and actionable insights when needed.

Enhanced Networking

Through its sophisticated AI algorithms, Koo can identify potential business contacts and facilitate connections based on mutual interests and relevant business opportunities, facilitating valuable connections among attendees.


A summary of the research methods that help us to reach the final solution.

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Field Research - Pittsburgh Autoshow

At the auto show, our group observed visitors and asked them questions about their purpose for attending, itinerary schedules, and wayfinding solutions. While one auto show cannot encompass the entire visitor experience, the qualitative data we gathered from the autoshow provided us with key insights and set a foundation for our understanding of large trade show. Thus we developed a list of related topics to conduct research on including indoor sinage, digital interaction.

Value Analysis
Attendee & Expert Interviews

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