Seeking UX/Product Design opportunities in 2024

Hello again,

I am Kathy, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Interaction Design. Before entering the field of UX design, I had a background in Fashion Design & Merchandising, coupled with a track record of 5 years in the dynamic Ecommerce industry.

My interdisciplinary background has equipped me with strong collaboration and communication skills to work effectively in teams and solve complex problems. My ultimate goal is to create products and services that surpass user expectations, delivering both usability and a seamless experience.

about me

My expertise

Design aesthetic

Visual communication empowers productivity;  I not only design visually pleasant things,  I consider how visual conveys the ideas behind brands, products, and business needs.

Strategic mindset

Design is not only about how it looks but about how it works; Having users in the front and center of the design journey, I design for the delightful and straightforward user experience that can best serve user goals.

Cross-functional teamwork

I am a versatile designer adept at seamless collaboration within cross-functional teams. My skill set enables me to contribute effectively across various disciplines, fostering cohesive and impactful outcomes.


These are some of the places I’ve been

2023 NOV - Present
UX Design lead
2023 Aug - 2023 Dec
product DESIGNER
Human-Computer Interaction DIG Lab
Carnegie Mellon University
2023 AUG - present
Research assistant
School of Design
Carnegie Mellon University
2022 - 2023
Client experience Designer

In my spare time, you can find me



I hope my illustrations bring people energy, empathy and warmth


Bringing Life to Imagination

working in coffee shop

I enjoy being surrounded by interesting people, and a coffee shop is an ideal place for that.