Seeking UX/Product Design opportunities in 2024

As a designer, artist, and technology enthusiast...

I am Kathy, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Interaction Design. Before entering the field of UX design, I had a background in Fashion Design & Merchandising, coupled with a track record of 5 years in the dynamic Ecommerce industry.

Fashion has always been my source of inspiration. As a designer, business-practioner, and technology enthusiast, I create products that embody elegance and simplicity. At Carnegie Mellon, I've dived into the world of technology and am committed to exploring the crossroads of design, technology, and business. I am passionate about creating products that are usable, useful and desirable.

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These are some of the places I’ve been

2023 NOV - Present
UX Design lead
2023 Aug - 2023 Dec
product DESIGNER
Human-Computer Interaction DIG Lab
Carnegie Mellon University
2023 AUG - present
Research assistant
School of Design
Carnegie Mellon University
2022 - 2023
Client experience Designer

In my spare time, you can find me



I hope my illustrations bring people energy, empathy and warmth.


Bringing Life to Imagination.

or working in coffee shop.

I enjoy being surrounded by interesting people, and a coffee shop is an ideal place for that.